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  • Liz Berrier

Beyond bucks: 10 ways to make a difference

Looking for a way to help...let me count the ways...

1.) Monetary Donations are always a safe bet. No one knows better than us on our needs and that can vary even from one day to the next.

2.) Trapping cats before they are to be neutered or spayed.

3.) Transporting cats in the traps to their veterinary appointments even if it is only one way. Sometimes we have to share.....someone drops off....someone else picks up.

4.) Feeders...we feed multiple colonies...we buy the just be their hero and show up.

5.) Foster little kittens or help to socialize the not so feral cats that we believe were previously owned. We will train you and LOVE is all you need.

6.) Volunteers to seek out vender events and fundraising opportunities.

7.) People who would enjoy manning (or womaning) a table at a fun vendor event and helping us to raise money.

8.) Volunteers to help with a food drive...Winter is coming and the cats do eat a little more food when its cold.

9.) Volunteers with videography experience.

10.) Volunteers with Graphic Arts/Design experience.

11.) Volunteers with website development and maintenance experience.

12.) Volunteers to take phone calls and help us to decide the next steps in helping the caller.

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